The Reality

Welcome back! I have decided to become really honest in my journey. I am now at 132 lbs., 31 inch waist, 34 inch chest, 25% body fat. These are HUGE wins.

What I look in the mirror and see is fat, loose skin, and stretch marks.


This is my fight. It’s a fight that millions of other women are going through. It’s a fight no man may understand (save for those who also have loose skin), and it’s my biggest hurdle to a healthy self image.

The stretch marks I am acceptant of. The skin that looks like I had a c section: I am not acceptant of. I haven’t ever had a c section. This scares me because I don’t know if I can repair the elasticity of the skin.

What I am focusing on is losing fat, building muscle, eating clean, pumice scrubs, and moisturizing. Conventional wisdom says I need surgery for this. The few who have defeated this problem without surgery say I can do it.

This one problem area is the root of my distorted perception. While I fight this area physically, my psychological tools are also getting flexed. I start fat thinking (I am not, I can not, and the abusive self talk) and start not caring. I am in a good place because this doesn’t carry on as long as it used too. I can look at my progress and it stops all together. I am grateful exercise is changing my brain.

Do you have a mommy tummy? Have you overcome it? What did you do? How has your life changed in 10 months? Please share, I need all the help I can get.

2 thoughts on “The Reality

  1. Yes , I too have a mummy tummy, I hate it! I have started a clean eating lifestyle and work out all of the time. I do not know if I will ever have the abs I want , but I will keep trying.

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