Auto Writing

No, not the kind where spirit is taking over (maybe led though) but writing a discussion for class. The following is what I wrote in response to the questions asked.

What are the important current or emerging social, cultural, political, global, human, and creaturely (etc.) issues that we need to address?

Social Issues: educating our youth will demand a systemic change to be more in line with phsycial & pscyhological development
Cultural: communication is completely changing (neither good or bad…) it just is.
Political: a woman as president will completely shift the media hypeerbole away from rape culture…to what I don’t know but things will shift.
Global: Scotland, America, Germany, France, and China will start to look at the Canadian finance ministry for further regulatory framework of the financial system.
Human: Some scientist leading up to the 2045 rush will come up with a way to prove psychic powers of some sort.
Creaturely: Humans will need to find peace with the pollinators.

What are the interesting or perplexing sub-disciplines or fields of study that are coming on the scene?

The entire 2045 movement disturbs me. Check it out,

And, more philosophically, what do you think about the future of the Human Sciences as they are currently disciplined and institutionalized?

I think taking the formalized means of education into the streets would be immensley beneficial. I think some sort of informal peer or mentoring network that works in barter without financial burdens will uncover many new brains that will contribute immensley to our current systems. These will be those who would formerly be irreputable or lacking in credentials, but through these partnerships or alliances they will have gained credibility.

Imagine my surprise when I see someone in the Department of Education finally addressing this. Awesome! That’s not to say I’m all prophetic or anything…
But dang I need to auto write more.

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