Un Tethered

In the beginning, there was a sense of separation. A separation from the only space known for the last decade. Floating wildly out of control with nothing to land on.

A divorce.

The core exploded into an unfathomable dusting of minutiae. Time began to pass. The minutiae encountered many other minutiae from times that had passed.

Because here, like attracts like. and thus, creation came.

Something new was born. Something never before. With the familiarity born from like attracting like the known became.

And the became was.

the minutiae was better.




I have written before about my journey into weight loss. This post brings a little different of a vibe. After getting down to 130 lbs. I began to experience many minor injuries: the one that was a deciding factor for me: I popped my calf. No kidding! I was playing softball, rounded third base to run home and I heard a pop. Much like when you twist a can of biscuits and get the living daylights scared out of you! I hopped across home plate on one leg, yes; I did score.  But this began the process of recovering. I stopped eating healthy and decided to let my body heal from what had become a disordered relationship with eating and exercising.

My body has a natural set point. That set point is at 175. I can eat what I want, and my weight stays the same. Since I am only 5’4″ that is not ideal. I took two years to discover that my body is physically capable no matter what my weight. I have completed a marathon, continued to play softball (with no injuries), and managed projects on my property that require functional physical exertion. I overcame a deep depression. Finished my undergrad degree and began grad school. I worked jobs that weren’t in line with my plans. I have traveled, I have loved, and I have grieved the loss of love. There is one thing that changed during this time: I became employed at an agency that is in line with my plans.

Here it is 2016. I went from 175 to 155. I made one adjustment to my life in the last nine months: I MOVE MORE than I did. That’s it. I eat the same things I did. I began to incorporate walking into my routine. I do not hit 10,000 steps a day. At max, I will. But for the most part, I hit about 7000. I don’t know because I don’t track it. I am writing this because I see so many posts on Facebook about detoxes, cleanses, and programs that are expensive and ultimately ineffective over time. I still eat the same. A lot of starches, a lot of carbs, and not many vegetables. Protein and carbs seem to be the bulk of my eating repertoire: and my body is okay with that.

I found some measurements from 2013 which is when I began the journey of becoming mentally healthy and right with food and my body. I weighed 156 then, and I weigh 155 now. I have lost 4 inches from my waist, 1/2 inch from my neck, and 2.5 inches from my thighs. My scale reflects little to no change. I have not set out to lose weight. I have not changed my eating habits: there is no weekly prep of food. The last two weeks I have begun running again. Whereas before I was running with the purpose of losing weight, I am now running with the sole purpose of calming my mind. I don’t cover great distances. I run on a treadmill. I am increasing my mileage very, very slowly. I have no goals on time or distance. I just run for calm. I will play softball. I have incorporated Yoga also to ease my mind. I do stretches so that I do not encounter injury again.

My point?? Spending money on detoxes DOES NOT sustain you over the long run. Three day cleanses don’t work. 21-day programs only set you up to encounter disordered thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame. If you want health, it IS as simple as moving more. That’s it. The magic wand just requires you to walk. Not run. Not buy anything. Just stand up, take a step, and greet the world with who you are. I guarantee you will experience the revelation of just how insanely beautiful you really are. 1724173_10208250134350821_6305453152174661136_n