Getting smart, I am

Wow! I just spent four hours cooking lunches for the week! My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I am grumpy. I know this will pay off though. Abs are made in the kitchen, right?

Our kids like snacks food. Yesterday our youngest son got a bag of Cheetos and saved them for today. That being staid I decided to check out the calorie content. 320 calories in one bag!


I decided to see how many apples that would be: it’s 3 1/2 apples!


Who knew? That’s probably an entire small meal. Rumor has it that Cheetos started out as an alternative cattle feed. Who wants to eat that?

My personal weakness (which I am going to eat) is no-bake cookies. Unfortunately, they too are sucking in the taste arena. Why am I going to keep eating them? Because my brain doesn’t believe it. Each cookie has 180 calories, which is 2 apples. I think I need to find a healthy version so I can snack on it during softball tournaments. Dreams of carob are running through my head!


There is so much food information I don’t know. I just need to focus on my body and connect it to my brain. Now I am going to go eat dinner, watch movies, and silently grieve for the former wonder of no-bake cookies.