Day 1: Food, food, food.

I am going into the morning of my day 2. Details aside…

I couldn’t have had a better day 1! Today I began my meal plan and I hadn’t eaten so much in a very long time. I usually had 1 meal a day and a gorge session. Today I ate 6 meals. Really it was 3 meals with 3 snacks. And math being what it is = 6 meals. 🙂 It was super good food too. I can’t wait to experiment with my chicken. ——-> that means flavor you fools! I drank like a million liters of water today and went on a 3.5 mile bike ride.

Here’s the kicker: Day 1 consisted of my niece’s birthday party. My weakness (or love) was in strong attendance. Cake. Cupcakes. & Ice Cream. Guess what? I DIDN’T EAT ANY OF IT. Well, okay, I had a cupcake crumb. I don’t think that is even enough for my body to digest. I mean, it was smaller than my fingernail. I hope that the Guru doesn’t consider that a cheat. If it is…crap, she reads this!

I danced with my former love today and my new love won. The new love is the skinny me that is awaiting me to embrace her as I have the frumpy me. Yes, I see that skinny me ahead in the distance. And guess what?