The Run, Whinging, & Me

Hello long lost friends!

Today I am going to update you and whine and talk about me. I suppose that isn’t much different than any other blog but I need a good whinging session. So…to update you on the race I set a PR (like I said I would) and ran it in 36:00 minutes. I know, I know. I am not the fastest in the world but overall I was 6th in the 2nd heat! So….now whadya think?

Here we are after the finish line!

The best part about the entire day was that our kids and my little brother was there! Yay Kyle (my little brother). He is a competitive runner. It was an honor to have him volunteering at the event and being my starter. If you remember in my earlier blogs one of my goals is to run with him. This was a step closer to that.

I am at 149 lbs. now. I am wearing a size 12 and fitting into clothing that I haven’t worn since we dated. I was wearing a 14 inching my way up to a 16. While a 12 isn’t the ultimate goal it is one step closer to the goal. My goal weight is 135.

The lady on the left: that’s me during the plan.

This picture was while I was eating and exercising. I don’t see much difference until now….

The far right this time. My shirt fits differently and my face is thinner!

This is my team, by the way. It is a non-profit league, so if you feel the need to donate to the team so we can continue to play (shameless plug: then feel free. If not, did you know such a thing existed? Yeah, I didn’t either until I started at my job. Anyway….I digress.

Super awesome ABS!

When I hit 135 lbs. then I will get to tone. And sculpt. That song Moves like Jagger? I have my own version: Abs like Bleiler.

Now back to me. I am doing really well. Except that the race happened right during the weather change. The week after there was rain, rain, and more rain. No big deal. This is Oregon: rain = grey = serious mood alteration. Not quite at the S.A.D. level: I only toe that line. This with some hip pain equaled some lacking in motivation. I haven’t been as active as I have wanted. I am feeling like I am stagnating. All of this and there are some serious signs pointing to reigning in the external things in and focus on the family. So I will be reorganizing my schedule. I have to make this work. I have to remember that I am not alone.

I also have to do my school, and the kids school, and keep my home clean, and parent, and be fun, and, and, and try NOT to freak out and become a list maker. Ugh, that would be overkill.

For now: I am taking a 4 day weekend: I am cleaning my house. I am getting back on track. I will do this 1day and 1 pound at a time.

Until then, keep me in your prayers and I will pass them on!

Life as I know it

has changed drastically over the last 7 weeks. I posted some pictures on a previous blog which had prompted me to begin my weight loss journey. I will post some updated pictures towards the end of this blog.I have had food cravings, been tempted by others, struggled with scheduling time for myself, and rebelled against exercising. I previously ate out just about every night and if I was cooking it was either pasta or good ol’ American comfort food. I am neither Italian nor am I a farmer who works in the fields all day who needs a huge meal.

I have lost 14 pounds so far! I can run 3 miles in 45 minutes. I realize this isn’t even close to being competitive, but for all you haters out there, it’s better than what I was running 7 weeks ago: to the nearest cardiac unit! I have registered for a 5k on October 2nd, and I plan on finishing. Last week was my first all cardio week where I had to run on the road. Some days it was in the morning and some at night. It was soooo different than the treadmill…and I knew I would throw some serious fits. Ironically, after warning the Guru, I didn’t throw as many fits as I thought. Some days I just couldn’t do what I wanted, other days I exceeded my expectations. All in all, I am amazed at myself for actually doing it. This week I am back in the gym and doing AM cardio. Ugh! Seems so hard! Even though I didn’t want to give up any gym work for road running: now, I don’t want to give up road running for the gym. Apparently it is a simple Peter Principle formula. Wanting what I want when I can’t have it and wanting more of what I can’t have. Then, getting what I want and deciding I really want the other thing. You know, that indecisive bullshit we all do. 🙂

My biggest triumph was maintaining my weight in Washington, DC! I ate cream, and pasta, and dessert, and all sorts of things I shouldn’t have. Because of the incredible sites of DC and the great layout I walked just about everywhere. In one day alone we went over 10 miles! We had a car to drive but chose to walk instead. We discovered things in the city that we wouldn’t have discovered had we been driving. My favorite 3 things were: 1) the cooling fountain in the courtyard of the Capitol building, 2) the Library of Congress (TO DIE FOR!), and 3) a free concert on the steps of the Capitol. Of course I loved our stay in Capitol Hill and our walks through the neighborhoods. It was really neat meeting the residents of the city and getting to know the culture. We even went on a run through this area! It was so neat. I haven’t ever prioritized exercising let alone while on vacation. This was a major win for me because eventually I will want to eat like a normal person. This trip emphasized that if I do the work I can eat like a normal person…within reason of normative definitions, of course.

And now, the pictures I promised: DC Shenanigans.

PS: Self care is NOT easy. Going from not eating all day and binge eating once a day to eating 6 times a day is tough work. I am always planning my meals, thinking around mealtime, packing my meals, or cooking my meals. This takes TIME. Something that I thought I didn’t have much of. If you are thinking about getting a Guru make sure you are willing to invest in yourself. If you’re not, make sure someone else is and bring that person closer.

The Guru

Today I met with the guru. I have to say that I think that she is definitely that extra little something that I will need over the next few weeks.

My initial goal is to be ready for walking around DC. I don’t anticipate miracles: just to be able to walk a mile without dying.

Next week I tackle the hill behind our house. This is a hill that goes from a little bit above river level all the way up to 1100 feet where our house is. It should be something to write about. I am thinking a picture of my slow agonizing death will be suitable.

So, you might be asking yourself: I wonder why she is doing this now? Well there are a couple reasons. 1) My former victim is really trying to reawaken my depressive and unhealthy inner voice. 2) These pictures really say it all.

This sealed it.


Me walking


Note to self: I. AM. SO. SORRY.