The Face of Evil

So here’s the thing: historically evil has always been amongst us. It always lives a normal life. It’s always a person. A person with friends, family, neighbors, sometimes churches, sometimes children. Evil never appears evil because it lies within each of us.

Most bible verses around evil talk about turning away from it, not following it, and discarding it from your own thoughts and mind. We each hold the capacity to stun our neighbors and ourselves.

I’m convinced that newscasters perpetuate the myth that a normal person could never commit evil acts. It always has to be because of where they are from or what religion they practice.

Check it out: we perpetuate evil every single day when we treat others different because of a belief that they are different, or less than. Want to stop evil in the world? Get rid of your judgements, your separatist beliefs and look for the similarities amongst all those in the human race.

It’s that simple.