Thanks Mom.

I have to give a little shout out to my parents. Growing up I didn’t realize how very lucky I was to have the example I did. I suppose that I do still have a lot left to learn. Here’s the habits I learned from my parents:

  • we drank skim milk (I never liked it, I still don’t. But I do like 1%.)
  • we weren’t allowed cereals with sugar in them
  • no pop was ever in the house. if there was it was Coke and it was Dad’s.
  • no sweet snacks
  • no chips
  • there were always fresh veggies in the refrigerator sliced up ready for us to grab them
  • my parents have always been runners, hikers, bike riders, and dancers
  • my mom made food out of scratch; bagels, salads, and even yogurt
  • we always had veggies with dinner
  • growing up next to the Siri Farm taught me a lot about where food comes from
  • I still love green peppers, it is what I imagine sunlight tasting like
  • bread was always whole wheat
  • snacks were always available (especially after sporting events)

Now just because this is how it was doesn’t mean I adhered to that. I learned to cook early on so I could make donuts, cakes, muffins, etc. The first solo cooking expedition was a cake for my mom’s birthday. It was big and chocolate! I loved visiting the Siri’s house because they had Hostess cupcakes. Oh My God. I hadn’t ever had one until sixth grade and I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

When my little brother was born and my parents got older I started seeing more sweetened cereals in their cupboards. They even buy chips now! Sometimes I am appalled at what is in their cupboards because it wasn’t even allowed when I was little.

My parents still run. Both in their 50’s (pretty sure Dad might be in his 60’s) and they are more active than I am. It’s a lifestyle, they have chose it. I have a foundation to adhere to and I can choose it also. My mom still finishes in the top 5 of her age group when she runs. She is beautiful, healthy and strong! I only hope that when I run: I too ,will finish in the top 5 of my age group.