Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have a super busy week: sons football game, family visiting from out of town, and daughters graduation! So proud of these kiddos of mine for overcoming obstacles and persevering.

I have been doing a workout in the format of 10-20-30. 10 minutes HIIT, 20 minutes weight supersets, and 30 minutes walking. I did not want to do this because it appeared so easy. Well, consider myself humbled. Monday I got through the circuit once! Today, twice! Woo-hoo for progress! Here’s my after workout muscle shot (isn’t that a must?).


And this…


I was so done. My biceps are still hurting! If you want a copy of the workout hit me up!

Complex Training

Complex training = pain, endorphins, and a ton of sweat (maybe a few grateful tears too).

Note to self: that pain you felt as you left, was nothing. It was nothing compared to the anguish you felt when your kids were taken from you. It was nothing compared to the despair when you learned of the victimization of your loved ones. It was nothing considering all that you have behind you.


It’s best to remember that, because tomorrow is round 2.