The Guru

Today I met with the guru. I have to say that I think that she is definitely that extra little something that I will need over the next few weeks.

My initial goal is to be ready for walking around DC. I don’t anticipate miracles: just to be able to walk a mile without dying.

Next week I tackle the hill behind our house. This is a hill that goes from a little bit above river level all the way up to 1100 feet where our house is. It should be something to write about. I am thinking a picture of my slow agonizing death will be suitable.

So, you might be asking yourself: I wonder why she is doing this now? Well there are a couple reasons. 1) My former victim is really trying to reawaken my depressive and unhealthy inner voice. 2) These pictures really say it all.

This sealed it.


Me walking


Note to self: I. AM. SO. SORRY.